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whatwegavetofly's Journal

25 April 1983
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push the seats back a little further
roll the windows down and take a breath

catalog of memories from mar 2002 - dec 2003
#13, 8 stops 7, 80's, acting, alice neel, alkaline trio, aqua teen hunger force, arapax, art, athenaeum, australia, baltimore, banana popsicles, ben folds, better cheddars, better than ezra, bim, black nailpolish, boys, broadcasting institute of maryland, cake, cats, chairpage, chapstick, collecting homies, comedy, course of nature, crayons, cut and paste, dead alive, dead baby jokes, decorating, deftones, diet coke, drama, drawing, eels, ellen cherry, eurotophobia, family guy, fell's point, freckles, french fries, fucking shit up, full moons, futurama, gin blossoms, goldfish, halloween, harvey danger, horror, houchens, hugs, ice by itself, incubus, janeane garafolo, jason lee, journey, k's choice, kablamo, kettlecorn, kisses, livejournal, llama appreciation society, llamas, long-haired boys, love songs and dedications, malcolm in the middle, martin lawrence, marvelous 3, mary katherine gallagher, match game, mix tapes, monster ballads, movies, music, nintendo, nose rings, our lady peace, peach schnapps, peach smints, peaches, people 6'1" or taller, pete yorn, photos, pink mentos, poetry, poison, prince, radio broadcasting, radiohead, rats and gunfire, ren and stimpy, rocks, root beer, rufus wainwright, saves the day, sealab 2021, severed head dodgeball, sifl & olly, silverchair, singing, skateboards, skeletons, skulls, sleater-kinney, sledding, sleepaway camp movies, smot poking, snl, soft dry kisses, splender, stars, stealing lawn ornaments, stork patrol, sunny day real estate, superstition, tattoos, the faint, the game show network, the juliana theory, the lonely island, the pixies, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tomatoes, tracy bonham, ugly girls, v8, vans, vincent kartheiser, walk-in freezers, winter